Android NFC device: Nexus S – Il futuro dei pagamenti mobile

Ho trovato questo interessante post con video annesso, in cui viene presentate dall’executive chairman di Google interessanti novità che saranno introdotte con la nuova versione di Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

“Eric Schmidt has revealed that Gingerbread would have native API for NFC built-in. What’s more is that he was holding Nexus S, revealed first time officially. Among its new features will be support for interacting with NFC-enhanced devices and RFID tags. Google had recently hired NFC expert Benjamin Vigier. When retailers equip their locations for these sorts of applications, it will eventually replace credit cards—it seems like something of an inevitability. Nexus S is ready to go for NFC applications, so it seems like the next official Google phone might be leading the contact-less payment wave.”

A questo link c’è una demo per sviluppatori per iniziare ad usare le funzioni NFC di Android.

A questo link ci sono tutte le specifiche tecniche del telefono Google Nexus S